What We Do
CDK Consulting specializes in information and referral
solutions.  Whether you need assistance with your resource
database, quality assurance assistance for your database,
or training for your staff, CDK Consulting is your answer.  
Custom Solutions for Non Profits

While cookie cutter trainings can be helpful, there's nothing like a
custom-made solution tailored to your organization's needs. CDK
Consulting customizes trainings and project solutions to meet our
client's requirements.  We will work with you to determine
what you are
looking for
and how best to achieve your goals.
Unlock Your Potential!

Don't stay in a rut.  You know your organization can be great... and CDK
Consulting wants to help you unlock your potential.  We want you to go
from being the "best kept secret in town" to simply "the best in town."  
Unlock your potential
CDK Consulting

New York, NY
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