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CDK Consulting offers big solutions for small fees.  Unlock your
organization's potential by hiring us either to further train your staff or
tackle a project.

Specialized Trainings

We offer specialized trainings to suit your needs:

  • I&R - Basic and Advanced (based on the ABCs of I&R)
  • Using the AIRS/InfoLine Taxonomy
  • Database maintenance
  • Using Information and Referral software
  • How to live through (and achieve) AIRS accreditation
  • Staff certification
  • Your organization's needs (you tell us!)

Trainings and project solutions are customized to meet our client's
needs.  We will work with you to determine what you are looking for
and how best to achieve your goal.
Contact Us for a quote.

Information and Referral Database Analysis
Sometimes, it's hard to see what's not working in your own products.  
Your I&R database is your organization's "face."  Whether you offer
public access through the Internet, or offer referrals to callers, or both,
your database is the backbone of your agency.  Why not give it a
periodic checkup?  We offer several services:

  • Mini-consultation - we will analyze your database and give you
    a summary of what we think you can do better.  This option
    includes a 30 minute phone summary; no written report.  Note:  
    this requires external access to your database.

  • The mini-consultation with a written report - same options as
    above, but we offer you a written report in addition to the 30
    minute phone summary.  Note:  this requires external access
    to your database.
  • Analysis Consultation - we will offer a more in-depth
    examination of your database.  This is a customized service,
    which may include doing a spot check to see how well your
    data matches your style guide; a spot check to ensure that if
    you use the Taxonomy, the database is not double coded; a
    spot check to ensure you are recording the same fields in all of
    your records, etc.  This analysis comes with a written report
    and your choice of a 30 or 60 minute telephone summary.   The
    price is based on the options you choose, and is set on an
    hourly rate.  Price is negotiable for more in-depth consultations.
Cost:  Contact Us for a quote on these services.

AIRS Accreditation Readiness Consultation
The AIRS Accreditation process can be arduous and time consuming.  
Once you begin it, you must finish it in a timely fashion.  Are you
ready?  CDK will help you decide if you are ready to undertake the work.
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AIRS Accreditation Assistance
Do you have an extra staff member who has time to make your
Accreditation documents organized and good looking?  No?  Then
Hire CDK Consulting.  We offer various levels of assistance:
  • Document organization - we'll take any and all documents you
    have for accreditation and help you organize them to fulfill the
    accreditation requirements.
  • Document creation - if you are missing accreditation
    components (training manual, style manual, disaster plan,
    etc.), CDK Consulting will create them for you.
  • Pre-submission review - we'll look at what you plan to submit to
    AIRS to critique and determine where you might be weak and
    what you are missing.
Cost:  Contact Us for a quote.

Virtual Resource Manager
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